When it comes to SEA, advertising on Google and other search engines, it’s all about focus and balance. We grab the attention of people actively searching for your service or product without massive expenses. That’s why we focus on finding the right balance between reach and cost per conversion (CPA). This keeps your campaign healthy while ensuring sufficient reach. We make sure you stand out with the right message, aiming for maximum returns.

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On which keywords is your target audience searching?

Search engine advertising presents various challenges, such as finding the most relevant keywords, setting up attractive ads, whether or not to outbid your competition, and maintaining a perfect quality score. Additionally, you need to understand search intent and adapt ads for mobile devices in search engine advertising. Based on our experience, we can tell you precisely how your target audience searches and how we can achieve results for you within 30 days.

A well-thought-out process

To be successful with search engine advertising, a structured process is required, from strategy to optimization. It all starts with determining your maximum CPA (cost per acquisition) so that we can establish the maximum CPC (cost per click) based on your conversion rate. Then, we start with thorough keyword research, selecting keywords your target audience actually uses. Afterward, we create compelling ads that directly appeal to your target audience. We optimize your landing pages, and we build an effective funnel. We continuously analyze your campaigns to make them more effective so that you achieve your online lead generation goals.

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Benefits of search engine advertising

The five key benefits of search engine advertising are:

Why choose Driftly Digital?

We transform your online lead generation through search engine advertising into an optimized process:

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